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Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any interior. Elegance, durability and long lasting beauty make hardwood flooring ideal for any commercial and residential applications.

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful and natural floor coverings that make even the simplest interior unique and stylish. Unfortunately, everyday wear and tear, dirt...

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Staircases are built strong however years of wear and tear can damage even the toughest of stairs. You want to be sure your stairs are in a sound condition as loose handrails can cause accidents and injury.

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About us

Dustbgone is a "Family-Owned" Business with great pride in their products and Outstanding Customer Service Work. When building or remodeling, Dustbgone bring richness, character and drama to any area in your home. Plus, the versatility of wood can fit any decor from traditional to contemporary. The skilled craftsmen of Dustbgone Unlimited can bring the warmth and beauty of Dustbgone to your home. We maintain the heritage and commitment of the old world traditions with each and every customer. We can assist you in all phases of flooring from installation to sanding and finishing.
All of our hardwood flooring installations come with our LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY that you can trust. We are also fully insured to offer a sense of security that some other hardwood flooring companies can't provide. Offering affordable hardwood flooring throughout Kitchener, ON, we don't just want your business: We want your REPEAT business... and your friends' business... and your families' business, and this only happens by over delivering, beyond your expectations, a great hardwood flooring installation.


Unfinished hardwood maple, oak, ash

3 1/4 inches thickness x 3 1/4 inches width & upto 10 inches in width custom inlays

Services of Dustbgone

  • Change the colour of pre-finished hardwood
  • 47 colours to choose from
  • Install new hardwood
  • Staining & Refinishing hardwood 99% dust free
  • Free removal of old carpet
  • Sales of hardwood unfinished oak maple cherry ash birch walnut prefinished oak, maple, cherry, ash, birch, walnut
  • Custom inlays

Why Dustbgone?

  • Free estimates
  • 48 colours to choose from
  • Competitive pricing
  • Match existing colours
  • Stained to the colour of your choice

Note: Unfinished hardwood maple, oak, ash,birch, walnut also available in 3 1/4 inches thickness x 3 1/4 inches width & upto 10 inches in width.